Module of online-booking. CRM system.

SMS and email notification.

Customer booking.

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Оnline Booking System and Scheduling software

For you website or a group on social networks.

People got used to the possibility to make bookings online, starting from plane tickets and ending with beauty salon or restaurant visit. Don’t spend your and your customers’ time. Add widget of online-booking to your website or a group on social networks and increase the number of requests up to 500%.

START - 16$

1 projects

5 employees

5 services

SMS and email notifications

VIP - 39$

Unlimited projects

Unlimited appointments

Unlimited services

Advanced functionality

SMS and email notifications

*3 days free trial period

For whom this offer can be useful?

Beauty salons

Medical centers

Vehicle service station

Legal services

Quest rooms

Tattoo studio

Driving training centers

The other services

How it works?

Step by step



You sign up at our website in a simple way.



You place the code that you received at your website.


It’s ready

From that moment you will receive a notification about every new booking.

What else you get applying to us:

Good service

Each customer has a personal manager whom they can contact for any questions.

Personal customer base

Application for customers’ booking. Produce a customer statement. Create customer groups. Make discounts for standing customers. The system will automatically inform the customer about future booking or greet a happy birthday.

Sales increase

Our service is not just the service of customer online booking. It is the whole system for customer support from point A to point B and reselling of service.

What if I don’t have website?

Our service will be useful for everybody even for those who don’t have website.

Online record is possible without website

You can add the link for booking at those websites that contain information about your company (social networks, Google maps etc.)

Personal CRM system

No log files.  Create your electronic customer database and follow how many times a person has visited your company. Create customer groups; it is possible to set automatically a discount or bonuses for a group.

Calculation of wages

The system will automatically calculate the work load of each employee, find out the most impactful employees and calculate the wage for necessary period of time.

The system of notification

Receive notifications about new customers’ bookings. Inform your customers about promotional actions or discounts. Greet your customers a happy birthday automatically.


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